FOR GRAIN ORDERS, we have been working with a local organic vendor in order to offer a huge variety of products.  This vendor works on a large, commercial level and sends smaller customers to me.  This is good for both of us; I enjoy an income and they can utilize their time more efficiently (it takes just as much time to handle a $25,000 order as it does a $250 order).  They give me such a discount that I am able to charge the same price for the products that they charge. 

So here's what to do:

1.  Click on this link Organic Products to scroll through pages (and I mean lots of pages) of products to see what is available and the current market price.  Please don't contact my vendor for the orders; they need you to continue to use the Family Baker to place orders. 

2.  Send an email to me at to place your order.  I need the orders to be emails.  I make fewer mistakes when they are in black and white.  Please no phone orders.  In addition to grain, we also carry a variety of baking supplies.  See that tabs at the top of this page to access the rest of our lines.

3.  I will need a seven-day lead time.