Our family started on this fun endeavor back in  1986 when Jeff was diagnosed with hypertension.  Our neighbor  was also  our  doctor  and she taught me about whole wheat bread made from freshly milled wheat.  She had a mill and a Bosch and I used them all the time.  When we moved about a year or so later, Jeff bought me a bread machine and a friend milled the flour for me.  Then Jeff got laid off from his job.  We realized that we needed to make good bread everyday because 'food' wasn't in our budget. You should ask me sometime about the awesome ways God provided for us!  Jeff got employed but we were only making minimum wage.  We still ate lots of bread.  Jeff would take whole wheat rolls to work every day for his lunch.  One day, a fellow employee asked him about them and if I would make the department bread.  Within one month, we sold enough bread to buy our own mill (bless my friend for milling so much flour for us).  Within the next two months, we bought a Bosch.  For the next 4 years we made their bread and breakfast muffins - made with whole wheat flour - everyday!

We would drive for miles to find sources for the grain.  One day it dawned on me to call the phone number on the bag of wheat.  I did and found out all I needed to do was order 5000 pounds of grain and they would deliver it to my house.  I called everyone I knew who baked bread and told them to call everyone they knew and together we made our first grain order.  We did that for a few years but the Lord changed it's direction.  One day our truck order came and no one showed up to unload the truck with us.  Jeff missed a week of work because he hurt his back unloading.  He looked at me and said this is no longer a 'co-op' it's our family business.  About this same time, I realized people were asking me about my mill and Bosch, and I was sending them to another to purchase.  I 'signed-up' to become an authorized Bosch dealer.  Soon after, we got a webpage ... and here we are today.

In the big picture, our Lord is in charge of life and death.  We are to take care of our 'Temple,' but it is ultimately His decision on when it is time for us to go to our Heavenly Home.  On May 25th, 2006, the Lord chose to take my beloved husband Home with Him.  We miss Jeff very much, but the Lord's family here on earth has taken incredible care of our family.  They have cooked meals for us, came and fixed broken parts for us, and most importantly, prayed daily for us.  To all of you, we have the most heartfelt love and appreciation.  No words can convey are gratitude.